Physio Therapy

The Physio Therapy unit was established in the year 1986 while the Sensory Integration Therapy Unit and the Sensory Park were established in the year 1997.

The Physio therapy department is well equipped at the institute to handle cases having developmental and neurological conditions (eg., hand functions, stroke, hemiplegic, muscular dystrophy). The aim of management at the center is to help the clients as independent in their activities of daily living as possible.

Physio Therapy Assessment

Physio therapy department do assessments & observations for various conditions like Sensory profile questionnaires, Hand function skills assessment, Perceptual and Cognitive Assessment, Motor Developmental Delay Assessment & ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Assessment.

Physio Therapy

Physio therapy department is equipped with trained professionals to assess and provide individualized treatment plan for Children & Adults having physically or mentally impaired due to various medical conditions such as Sensory processing disorder, Sensory Registration, Sensory Input, the other trials of psychiatry cases are also adhered from the department. More number of Autistic, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, Hemiplegic Cerebral palsy visit to the OT department. A large number of adult patients suffering from stroke and hand function deficits are coming to OT department for management.

The various treatment modalities and interventions include Development Skills Training (For children with developmental delay and genetic disorders), Hand functions Skills Training, Perceptual and Cognitive Skills Training, Sensory Integration Therapy, ADL Training (Provide therapeutic aids, orthosis & prosthesis environmental modifications according to patient’s needs.

Patient Care Services

All activities, modalities will go for the occupational therapy department, so an efflux of 60 new assessments or more as a part of screening has taken place in a span of one month and an average of 12 to 16 children per day receive therapy services in our unit. The Sensory park adjacent to the unit is used for sensory integration therapy and free play activities.


OT Department is executing projects with The HANS Foundation, New Delhi for providing occupational therapy services to clients coming to Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences. Data generated from this project will help in implementing time-based management plans and to set short-and long-term goals for clients with different conditions.

World PT Day

World PT day was celebrated at the department on 27th October 2016. As apart of the program, one-day workshop was arranged at the institute on the topic of ‘Role and scope of occupational therapy in the management of persons with different disorders and disabilities’. An exhibition was also arranged in which the materials prepared by patients attending the OT department and the staff were displayed. Dr Sunil Mokashi graced the occasion.

Interactive session was given by OT’s to the participant parents and care takers.

Activities were doing by the kids with the help of their parents.