Hyderabad Special School (HSS)

The Hyderabad Special School for Children in need of Special Care is supported by the Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment through Grant-in-Aid

Historical background

The decade, 1970’s, was the beginning of a new era in the History of Disability Rehabilitation
The launch of Normalization Philosophy (1970) was instrumental for mainstreaming through deinstitutionalization and integration of persons with disabilities
Special education gained a new momentum during this period
In India, NCERT initiated the PIED
HSS was started in the year 1977 during this decade by the founder Chairman, Dr. P. Hanumantha Rao. It was a need based Initiation.

The year 2016-17 was the 40th year in the history of Hyderabad Special School. It was one of the energetic year having variety of activities with full of life. We are proud to say that about 1600 children with mental retardation and their families benefitted from HSS during the past 39 years. The events and achievements of 2016-17 are narrated here with few photographs. The school functions from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Every class follows a systematic timetable which includes activities related to personal, social, communication, functional academics, yoga, sports, music and dance.


So far about 140 persons (special educators, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers.) served at HSS. Many of them who left HSS gained higher qualification and currently serving different parts of country in higher positions rendering quality services.

During 2016-17, there were 75 children with mental retardation between 5-17 years of age attended preschool to prevocational classes. They are trained by a multidisciplinary team with qualified special educators, doctors, therapists and psychologists.

The special teachers prepare individualized education programme which includes motor, self-help, communication, socialization, functional academics, recreation, domestic and prevocational skills. Individualized instruction is provided by our multidisciplinary team consists of professionals from medical, psychology, speech, language and audiology, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The special educators coordinate the services with the team members. Parents meetings are conducted at the end of every quarter.

In the year 2016, 16 children were admitted to the school. The cumulative intake from the year of inception of the school is 1600 which is very significant number.

Prevocational Training: In order to prepare the students for transition from school to work various work readiness skills are taught at this stage.
5 students are getting training in various service units to be an office assistant. Others are trained in glass painting, stitching, cookery, greeting cards and paper bag making. By learning this, they gain eye hand coordination, group involvement and adjustment, time and money concept, value of work, listening to the trainer, cleanliness and so on.

Other activities

The students are given training in yoga, music and Special Olympics. 68 students are registered with Bharat Special Olympics to take part in the events coordinated by them
2 special educators attended the annual meeting of Bharat Special Olympics conducted in Hyderabad on 09-01-2016.

Students have attended the special employment meet held on 23rd and 24th of March, 2017 at NIMH, Secunderabad. Mr. Kanitkarmouli is awarded a gift coupon.