Research Activitites at ISA

Research at the institute of Speech and Audiology is in the form of student dissertations. The following are the dissertations completed by MASLP students, at the department during the year.

Sl No. Name of the Student Topic of Dissertation Name of the Guide
1 SurajShinde Indigenous measurement of decibel signal to noise ratio (dBSNR) in normal hearing listeners considering real world listening conditions. Dr. UditSaxena
2 Syed ZameerulAbrar Effect of noise in Carpenters Mrs. Haripriya
3 Ravishankar Measures of music perception in children: typically developing, autistic spectrum disorders, intellectual deficits. Mrs. Sandhya Reddy
4 Neha Ahmed Relation between static compliance and wideband absorbance in adults and children. Dr. UditSaxena
5 Priyanka Perception of parents/guardians about speech therapy for stutterers in Urban areas. Mrs. Haripriya
6 Vikas N Development of Case markers- a comparative study in English medium & Telugu medium, typically developing Telugu speaking children. Mrs. Haripriya
7 Preethi Ravi Effects of auditory fatigue and experience on hearing sensitivity of persons working in call centres. Mrs. Sandhya Reddy
8 Pradeep Reddy Modified Children Implant profile in Telugu. Mrs. Krishna Priya G
9 Vikash Singh Relation between Cigarette smoking and voice parameters in Primary school teachers. Mrs. Sandhya Reddy
10 Gaurav Tomar Voice problems in Telangana sports coaches. Mrs. Haripriya
11 Mashood T P Feeding difficulties and communication skills in Children with Autism. Dr. Srinivas Gudi
12 Syed Mohatashim Modified Children implant profile in Hindi. Mrs. Krishna Priya G
13 Anil Kumar Comparison of aided auditory performance with the parental questionnaire in young hearing aid users. Mrs. Krishna Priya G
14 S Meenakshi Effects of vocal fatigue on habitual pitch and optimal pitch in a group of telephone operators. Mrs. Sandhya Reddy
15 Rajni Roy Voice characteristics of women with hyperthyroidism and effect of medication. Dr. Srinivas Gudi
16 Suresh Voice Analysis of male dubbing artists. Mrs. Haripriya
17 Adharsh Goud Changes in TEOAEs in the first month of life. Mrs. Sandhya Reddy

Conference Attended

The following students attended the World Phonocon conference held on 17-19 February 2017 at Gurgon, Haryana

  • Mr. Vikash Kumar presented paper on “pre- and post- Treatment Voice quality and Speech inytelligibility with oral cavity cancer” .
  • Mr. Vikash Kumar presented paper on “Effect of smoking on voice parameters in professional voice users” .
  • Mr. Vikash Kumar singh presented paper on “Voice parameters and swallowing function post rehabilitation for oral cancer patient” .
  • Mr. Gaurav Tomar presented paper on “Changes in child’s communication after cochlear implantation mother and teacher perspective”.
  • Mr. Gaurav Tomar presented paper on “Fibre Efficiency of voice therapy techniques for persons with vocal tremors”.
  • Mr. Gaurav Tomar presented paper on “Voice problems in indian sports coaches”.
  • Mr. Gaurav Tomar presented paper on “How religious prayers can impact voice”.
  • Ms. R. Uthra Preethi presented paper on “Occupational stress and job satisfaction amoung Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists in north india”.

Students and Staff attended national seminor on “Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism” at Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences, Secunderabad on 16, 17 June,2017.