Research Activities at IMH

At present, most of the research conducted at the department is in the form of student dissertations. The following Are the dissertations completed at the department during the year:

Sl No. Name of the Student Topic of Dissertation
1 Ms.Sailaja Pisapati Effect of CBT on suicidal ideation.
2 Mr.Srinivasa Rao K Sleep pattern and its psychological effect on young working adults
3 Ms.Reema Nathani Relation of executive function, cognitive flexibility and problem solving with impulsivity & aggression in convicted murderers.
4 Ms.Stennis Joseph Temperamental traits and psychopathology among destitute children.
5 Mr.Kaartik Gupta Repetitive negative thinking in depression and OCD : A comparative study.
6 Ms.Hema V Selective attention, visuospatial ability and emotional intelligence among players and non-players: A comparative study.
7 Ms.AnunaBordoloi Effectiveness of autogenic relaxation training and guided imagery on anxiety, depression, stress and subjective well being of geriatric population living in old age homes .
8 Ms.Varsha Vinod Effectiveness of physical activity and cognitive training on slective attention, planning and response inhibition functions of hyperkinetic children.
9 Mr.Nelson Mathew Just world belief, Resilience and attitude of parent towards disability, and its impact on behavioural problems of children with mental retardation.
10 Mr.Rithvik S.Kashyap Parenting styles, social cognition and functional impairment in children with hyperkinetic disorder.
11 Ms.AmeenaSithara BAS, BIS, FFFS, Big five personality and disgust propensity among obsessive compulsive disorder patients.
12 Ms.Gayathri Menon Pornography: Its impact on subjective sexual experience.
13 Ms.ShalmaliRanmale Adult attachment style and emotion regulation in mothers of children with intellectual disability and autism.


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