Institute of Mental Health

The Institute of Mental Health, established the year 2005, at Sweekaar, provides a comprehensive range of psychological as well as psycho-diagnostic assessments along with various psychotherapies for children and adults with a range of mental health problems. We offer specialized wellness programs to the general public and to corporate organizations to promote mental health. We provide our patients and their caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to recover from mental health problems and strengthen their psychological, social, emotional well-being, and assist them to re-integrate themselves back into the community.

Academic Programs

IMH has always been recognized as a pioneer for its academic and clinical training in the field of mental health in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state. Sweekaar is the only institute in both the states offering these courses to generate rehabilitation professionals, to serve more number of persons with mental illness.


IMH has always been a pioneering institute in the area of man power training in the field of mental health. Sweekaar is the only institute in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state offering the following courses to train rehabilitation professionals. The department offered the following three courses during the year. The institute and the courses are affiliated to Osmania University and are recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Psy. D (Clinical Psychology)

Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences is the only institute in the country offering this course. The 4 year Psy. D Clinical Psychology course is a full time program, which is based on the practice- oriented practitioner-scholar model of professional psychology. It is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. This program is committed to assisting the trainee in developing the essential knowledge base, attitude and therapeutic skills necessary to function as a professional clinical psychologist and trainer. The intake capacity is 2 students every year.

M. Phil (Clinical Psychology)

Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences (SARS) is the first and only Non GovernmentOrganization (NGO) in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telenganaand fifth institute in the country to offer the RCI approved M. Phil (Clinical Psychology) full time program in 2005. The duration of the course is 2 years and intake capacity is 13 students every year.

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PDCP)

The one year PDCP is a full time training program with theoretical inputs and hands on clinical exposure which provide services with minimum level of competence as an Associate Clinical Psychologist. It is recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India. The intake capacity is 8 students every year.

Clinical Services

Psychological Assessments

IMH provides comprehensive range of psychological assessments such as tests of intelligence, personality and neuropsychological assessments for children and adults, socio-adaptive functioning, developmental functioning, visuo-motor coordination, learning disability, behavioral & emotional problems.

Psychological Interventions

IMH department is equipped with trained professionals to assess and provide individualized treatment plan for a broad spectrum of psychological problems such as organic mental disorders, psychoactive substance use, schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, personality disorders, intellectual disability, autism, high risk babies, developmental delay, and hyperkinetic disorder.

The various treatment modalities and interventions include cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior therapy,parental counseling, career counseling, relaxation training, supportive psychotherapy, biofeedback therapy, marital therapy, family therapy, group therapy, solution focusedbrief therapy and mindfulness integrated cognitive therapy.

Patient Care Services

IMH department provide comprehensive quality patient care services, which is guided by various mental health professionals with their clinical knowledge and skills in the field of mental health. During the year 2016-17, nearly 1,764 patients from various parts of the country and overseas came to receive the benefit of mental health care through psychological evaluation and different therapies as well as rehabilitation services.

Variety of Clinical Population Seen at IMH

Adult Children
Depression Hyperkinetic Disorders
Anxiety Autism
Mood disorder (Bipolar) Conduct Disorder
Substance abuse/Drug abuse Oppositional Defiant disorder
Psychosis/delusional disorder Mental Retardation
Adjustment disorder Childhood Depression / Anxiety
Stress related disorders Enuresis
Marital conflicts Specific Learning Disability
Obsessive compulsive disorder School refusal
Sexual disorders Other behavior and emotional Problems related
Brain injury/surgery or other neurological disorders for assessment and rehabilitation



IMHis executing projects with The HANS Foundation, New Delhi for provision of psychological services to clients coming to Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences. Data generated from this project will help in implementing time based management plans for different psychological conditions.


Many social, scientific and philanthropic organizations have been contributing to augment the services at SARS. One such organization is Neuland Pharmaceuticals which contributed significantly to augment the services at the Institute of Mental health, SARS. The donation from Neuland Pharmaceuticals helped the department to acquire computers, test materials, books and furniture, and other scientific material which greatly helped in conducting clinical and research programs at IMH.

Camps and Outreach Services

IMH conducted several camps in the year 2016-17 as follows:

1. One of the key activities undertaken this year by IMH was at Rainbow Home, Medibavi, SeetafalMandi, Secunderabad in February, 2017. The students of IMH administered various screening tests on children of Rainbow home to evaluate their functional status.

2. Another key activity undertaken by IMH was at the Government High School, Musherabad in March 2017. The students of IMH administered various screening tests on children of the school to evaluate their functional status.

3. Faculty and students of IMH attended a 12- day mobile community camp organized by Nizamabad District Health Authority, Govt of Telangana. The camp included door to door survey for identification and certification of intellectually and mentally disabled in Kamareddy block.

4. IMH, in collaboration with SweekarParivaar Alumni Association, organized a two day training workshop on “Administration and Interpretation of Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism” on 17th and 18th June at Sweekar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences. There were 38 registered participants in addition to students and faculty of Sweekar.

5. IMH conducted a CREprogramme on ‘Psychological Intervention in the Treatment of Psychotic Symptoms’ from 10- 11 June 2016. The program was attended by more than 30 professionals registered with RCI.

Guest Lectures by Faculty

1. Dr Akash Mahato: An invited lecture on ‘Psychosocial Management for disabled’ at Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad on the occasion of International Day for Persons with Disability: 03.12.2016.

2. Dr Akash Mahato: An invited lecture on ‘Cognitive remediation’ at the CREProgramme on ‘Psychological interventions in the management of psychotic symptoms’. Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences.10.06.2016

3. Dr Akash Mahato: An invited lecture on ‘Model CDC interventions’ at the 53rd Annual Conference of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Hyderabad: 21.01.2016.

4. DrBabu P: Invited lecture on ‘Science and Technology for Specially-abled Person’ on the occasion of National Science Day: University of Hyderabad, 28-02 2017.

5. DrBabu P: Invited lecture on ‘Handling Adolescents and Learning Disabilities’ at a workshop organized by Dialog Medica in association with IACP& GSK: 23-10-2016.

6. DrBabu P: Invited lecture on ‘Psychological Management of Hallucinations and Delusions’ at the CREProgramme on ‘Psychological interventions in the management of psychotic symptoms’. Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences.10.06.2016

7. DrBabu P: Invited lecture on ‘Adolescent Mental Health Issues’ at a workshop organized by Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI): 29-07-2015