Sensory Park & Vision Stimulation

Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play and imagination. Sensory play playgrounds fascinate children and encourage exploration.  We provide an appropriate experience for special children with Autism , Sensory Integration, vision stimulation and others to encourage them to play, interact and learn.

The Sensory park is an distinct feature of Sweekaar. It has all play material for children with different problems such as block game, horse rides, water fountain, bridges, sand therapy and more. These games and equipments help improving the sensory processing and make them learn social skills. We can accommodate up to 50 beneficiaries on an average per day.

Our Vision Stimulation unit deals with children who have low vision or vision not appropriate to their age.  It helps in improving fixation towards light, tracking objects, improving eye hand coordination and eye contact. Vision Stimulation unit could accommodate up  to 30 beneficiaries on average per day. Our sensory park and playground area should include

following areas:

  • Visual
  • Vestibular
  • Tactile
  • Kinesthetic
  • Auditory

We believe that every playground must be rich in sensory experiences in order to nurture all children and bring them together in play. Our sensory park and vision stimulation is more than fun.  Built-in tactile elements encourage children to explore different rough and smooth textures and shapes. Our occupational therapists recommend that parents working along with teachers and other therapists can develop a daily Sensory diet that complements a child’s structured therapy.
The Vision of the Sensory park & vision stimulation is to create a barrier-free and universally accessible play zone for all children including those with a disability. It is planned especially  for kids on the autism spectrum and those who have sensory processing issues. It allows adults and children with mobility challenges to play with other children at an accessible playground.

Come and experiance yourself..

It’s important for disabled kids to learn and become social. For this they have to develop their senses. We at Sweekaar focus on sensory development via sensory park. Come and see the difference.