Jignasa (Library)

Jignasa is a common library of solidarity institutions which has books, reports, videos and audio material for readers. All the books and repots in Sweekaar have  been recorded into computer for easy access and record. Currently, there are over thousand books, reports and different subjects are available at this open library, but it is mainly focused on subjects related to special children. The list of themes/subjects on which the library is having books is enclosed.


Sweekaar has allotted space for the library books and also provided racks to store books. All the entries are made in computer in simple software prepared by us. Therefore, the books in the library can easily be searched by author, title, word and subject. Support will be given to member institutions to computerize books available at our library and list will be made available to everyone. With the computerization, many libraries have been interlinked and many e-books are available.


Members of Sweekaar will have access to the library as part of the services offered by us.


The book will be issued to the staff for a period of 15 days at a time. The books and journals in the library will be available only for reference of members other than institutional promoters.