Comprehensive School Health Services

The services were started in 1994. There is lack of awareness regarding learning disabilities and associated problems among the school teachers.

On a comprehensive estimate, 14% of school children have learning disorders. Learning Disability is a perceptual disorder caused due to minimal brain disorder. The problem is so rampant in the community and the services available are so poor and this prompted us to start a Centre for Learning Difficulties.

To detect children with invisible disabilities, to reach the unreached sector, and care for the uncared children, we have initiated and formed Comprehensive School Health Service programme. Our team consists of: psychologists, remedial educators, counselors, social workers, nutritionists and general medical doctors.

We visit normal schools and provide a checklist to the school teachers to shortlist children who have scholastic backwardness and demonstrate deviant behavior. Such shortlisted children will be screened in the school and later evaluated in depth by our team of experts.

To facilitate the school teachers to shortlist such problematic children, we conduct sensitization programme especially for primary school teachers. We make them visit our Centers and conduct a sensitization programme with experienced professionals at our Centres, so that we can detect children who are lost in the milieu.

Medical Check-Up:– A team of medical and paramedical professionals conduct medical check-up camps for school children and identify general problems like – health problem, vision problem, hearing problem, speech problem, dental problem, learning disabilities, emotional problem etc

  • No. of sensitization programmes conducted so far        :    306
  • No. of teachers sensitized                                              :      6856
  • No. of parents sensitized                                               :      2645
  • No. of students examined / screened                              :    38932
  • No. of students identified                                     :    20564
  • No. of beneficiaries treated by C.L.D                             :        784