Special Care or Centres

Sensory Park & Vision Stimulation

Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play and imagination. Sensory play playgrounds fascinate children and encourage exploration.  We provide an appropriate experience for special children with Autism , Sensory Integration, vision stimulation and others to encourage them to play, interact and learn. The Sensory park is an distinct feature [...]

Early Intervention Centre

Early Help Makes a Difference Young children learn and develop differently. One baby may walk earlier than another, while another baby might talk first. Often, these differences will even out. But, some children will need extra help. Look for signs in your infant or toddler. They might need some extra help. Early help makes a […]

Diagnostic Centre for Exceptional children

Diagnostic Centre for Exceptional Children was established in 1977 for children with; Behavioral problems Emotional problems Juvenile delinquency Conduct disorders Scholastic backwardness Specific learning disabilities High Risk babies Developmental delay Cerebral palsy ADHD Autism Mental retardation Hearing impairment Genetic abnormalities Team Pediatrician/Child Development specialist Psychiatrist Clinical psychologist Orthopedic surgeon Special educator Audiologist Physiotherapist Occupational therapist [...]

Jignasa (Library)

Jignasa is a common library of solidarity institutions which has books, reports, videos and audio material for readers. All the books and repots in Sweekaar have  been recorded into computer for easy access and record. Currently, there are over thousand books, reports and different subjects are available at this open library, but it is mainly [...]

State Information centre for Disabled

State Information Centre for Disabled (SICD) is functioning w.e.f 2003. The objectives of the State Referral Centre To guide and implement rehabilitation services in the state. To promote Rehabilitation services, comprising medical, educational, psychological, socio-economic vocational training and employment of persons with disabilities. To enrich human resource development for Rehabilitation Services. To create awareness to […]

Comprehensive School Health Services

The services were started in 1994. There is lack of awareness regarding learning disabilities and associated problems among the school teachers. On a comprehensive estimate, 14% of school children have learning disorders. Learning Disability is a perceptual disorder caused due to minimal brain disorder. The problem is so rampant in the community and the services […]