School for Special Children

Every child is born with different skills and capabilities. Some have trouble learning or functioning as normal people do.  But, that does not mean to discriminate them and prevent them from enjoying life. In 1977, The Hyderabad Special School was founded to cater to the needs of children with special needs or intellectual disability.  It was started with 5 students and 2 staff members, and gradually developed into a fully-equipped rehabilitation and training centre with 301 students and 57 dedicated staff.

We Cater To

Sweekaar provides special education to student with various disabilities such as intellectual disabled, cerebral palsy, slow learners, Autistic children, trainees for rehabilitation. The school employs a comprehensive teaching cum training model to ensure a smooth transition of the student to community life with active support of parents and family.  We facilitate parent-teacher interactions on a fortnightly basis.

Special Training Involved

At Sweekaar, classes are divided into pre-primary, primary, secondary, pre-vocational and vocational. A child with special needs is places in any of the above-mentioned groups based on their age and general level of functioning. Our training includes routine activities, functional academics, domestic skills, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, music, sports and more.

Vocational Training Program

We provide systematic multidisciplinary intervention that includes skill training with work behavior. It helps children with intellectual disability to earn their livelihood easily. Due to the vocational training, students are able to adjust to the work environment and community related challenges. Training is provided in printing press, screen printing, book binding, candle making, phenyl and liquid candles, photocopying, etc.

Placement Services

Sweekaar supports children with special needs by providing functional training that develops skills in them, and make then earn their living without any problem. After education and training, students get placed in organizations, external organizations or start their own business. Our students have won laurels in sports and cultural activities as well. Comprehensive training helps them to adjust with society and feel like part of it.

Sweekaar Offering Broachure

Download this brochure to understand our practices and key to identify any kind of disability. We are open to help you anytime. For any queries please visit our discussion forum. You may post your query there. We’ll try our best to answer.

Why Sweekaar

Finding out your child has a learning disability is certainly disturbing, but the best thing you can do as a parent is simply to love and support your child. Get all facts about your child’s learning difficulties and how it affects learning process. You need to work with your child’s school to develop an individualized Education plan to set goals for your child, and describe support that may be needed to meet those goals.

Our Branches

We have four campuses:

Secunderabad H.Q
Tandur ( Only centre in entire Telangana )
Kadapa ( Only centre in entire Rayalaseema )
Guntur ( Only centre in entire Coastal Andhra )

Cost of Treatment

The need of every special child is unique and hence the treatment. These treatments are not done by any individual doctor or direct medicine. Its a team work. A sample team may have, A Speech Therapist, a Special Educator, a Psychologist, an Audiologist, a Physiotherapist, a Social Worker, a General Physician, Prosthetic / Orthotic Engineers & a Nurse.

Upon early consultation we’ll come to know about estimation. However we are almost free for people from economically weaker section.

Major Awards which we won?

Dr. Pasupuleti Hanumantha Rao, M.D.(Ped), Ph.D.(Psychology),CPM & R (Bom), DN,FICP,FICA(USA), is an internationally-known specialist in Developmental Paediatrics, Rehabilitation Medicine & Psychology. His generous contribution to assist the unprivileged along with the society, Dr. Rao and his works has achieved accolades from different organizations like FICCI, FIAMS, IMA, and B.J. Modi Foundation etc. Apart from being honoured by these highly prestigious organizations, Dr. Rao also received awards like Gem of India (1993), Bharat Jyoti (1994), Man of Asia (1996), Best Citizen of India (1999) and many more. All the honors and awards achieved by Dr. Rao are detailed on this page.