Autism Spectrum is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to communicate with others. It indeed causes significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and it affects individuals differently on varying degrees. The cause of Autism is unknown, and therefore access to appropriate support would help autistic children to enjoy a good quality of life.
Parents who never heard of the issue wonder about symptoms, evaluations and treatment to help. The term ‘ Learning Difficulties’ refers to difficulties in learning to read and write, which can be caused by internal factors (inherent, medical, physical, neurological) or external (family, experiences, communities).
At Sweekaar, we treat the child with love, warmth and care. Childe development basically involves tackle the cause of the child’s challenges, not just symptoms. Our professionals go beyond labels and limits to evaluate the true potential of every child. Proper diagnosis gives us a comprehensive understanding of the child’s neurological development, and helps us make an effective, personalized treatment program.
Sweekaar has founded high School and Jr. College for Deaf Children in the year 1986. Initially, it has 5 children, but the count raised gradually over time, and today, the centre for child development has a strength of 511 students (days scholars and hostelers) and 67 teachers.
Newborn screening is a safe practice of testing a newborn for specific harmful or potentially fatal disorders, which are not otherwise apparent at birth. There are some metabolic disorders that interferes with body’s consumption of nutrients to maintain health issues and produce energy.
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy specializes in the treatment of patients who face problem in any physical, social or other activities due to any traumatic accident or others. Sweekaar is a rehabilitation centre for specialized physiotherapy and occupational therapy to support children in quick recovery from injury and ensure health and wellbeing.
Psychological services are an important part of treatments at Sweekaar. The team of clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists offer support to children and adult with mental illness, depression, behavior problems, drug de-addiction, conduct disorder, sleeping disorders, suicidal tendencies, stress, marital problems and more.
In 1977, The Hyderabad Special School was founded to cater to the needs of children with special needs or intellectual disability. It was started with 5 students and 2 staff members, and gradually developed into a fully-equipped rehabilitation and training centre with 301 students and 57 dedicated staff.
Sweekaar conducts school screening program & primary school teacher’s sensitization program. Our team goes to schools, screen the primary and middle schools children with invisible disabilities i.e. learning disabilities and provides remedial education.
In short, sensory integration is the ability to capture information through the senses and meaningfully process that data in human mind. Children with development delays, Autism & ADHD ( may have hypo or hyper sensitivity) are given therapies in the Sensory Integration Unit at Sensory Park.
Sweekaar offers comprehensive speech and audiology service, including hearing Assessment, Hearing Aid Fitting, hearing aid analysis, hearing aid sales and services, speech assessment & therapy and more.