Out Patient Department

Initially the diagnosis is done at the clinic by Dr. P.Hanumantha Rao and referred the children to HSS and other service units. As the need increased the diagnostic centre was organized in Sweekaar campus itself. Now it functions as Outpatient Department with a team of professionals from various disciplines such as medical, psychology, special education and therapeutics. This unit has been established in 1985 with firm belief that prevention is better than cure.

From 1985-2016 about 18,262 cases were Diagnosed in the outpatient Department of Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Services

The centre diagnosed children with

Mental retardationHearing impairment
Behavioural problems
Emotional problems
Specific learning difficulties
Cerebral palsy
High risk babies
Genetic abnormalities

After taking a detailed case history, each and every case is assessed by pediatrician, psychologist, educationist and therapists. The team will sit together and prepare the case report. Based on the case report, they will be referred for intervention. Periodical evaluation also conducted by the team.