Child Development Center (Developmental Delays)

The unit was established in 1986 developed for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities such as delayed milestones,cerebral palsy,Down syndromes, Genetic disorders and other neurological deficits. Children from 0-7 years are admitted in this department.

This unit is fully equipped with all modern equipment therapy aids with dedicated highly qualified professionals from different specialities such as Physiotherapy, occupational therapy,speech therapy, behaviou therapist and special educator.


Our vision is to minimize the disabilities in chidren from age group 0-5 years, because it is the critical period for children where their growth is maximal, in this period only the brain is at the highest state of learning and acquiring new things from the environment.

Our second vision is to support the protection of rights of each and every children with disabilites. They too have the rightd to be free from discrimination, child neglect and abuse. All the chidren with disabilities must be given equal opportunities of early intervention services irrespective of sex, caste, race and economic status.


Our main mission is to strengthen the families and supportd them in maximizing their child’s abilities in different areas such as physical, speech, cognition and socio- emotional development.

Early Intervention Services for Children with Delayed Development

Children develop skills as they grow, they roll over, smile, babble, begin to crawl, pull themselves up, learn a word or two, begin to walk,a nd begin to talk. Infact, most children follow a definite pattern as they mature. There are, however, some exceptions. Some children develop very late and some donot follow a common pattern. While some children may “catch up,” others may suffer from a developmental delay or even a disability. The earlier such delays and disabilities are recognized, the sooner these children, their families, and their caregivers cant get help.

Clinical Services

Early Intervention Assessment:

It involves screening of child for any motor, speech cognitive, behavioral, social, sensory motor delays. Portage guide to early intervention is used to screen the child for any delays.

Psychological Intervention:

CDC provides comprehensive range of psychological assessments such as tests of intelligence, personality and neuropsychological assessments for children, socio-adaptive functioning, developmental functioning, visuo-motor coordination, and learning disability, behavioral & emotional problems. It also provides intervention sessions to children with inattention features and hyperactive features.

Speech Intervention:

It includes pre therapy detail speech and language assessment , goal setting with parents ,therapy interventions, reviews, resetting of goals after 3 months and parental counseling. Speech also delivers services to home based management program.

Physiotherapy Interventions:

It includes pre therapy detail physiotherapy assessment , goal setting with parents ,therapy interventions, reviews, resetting of goals after 3 months and parental counseling. Physiotherapists also deliver services to home based management program.

Pre- Academics:

It includes teaching reading and writing skills.

Home based management programs

are for parents who cannot avail services on regular basis.

Patient Care Services

CDC department provide comprehensive quality patient care services, which is guided by various professionals with their clinical knowledge and skills in the field of Physiotherapy, speech and language, psychology. During the year 2016-17, nearly 1,203 patients from various parts of the country and overseas came to receive the benefit of child development centre through early intervention evaluation and different therapies as well as rehabilitation services.

The following table gives the size of the clinical population seen by the staff of the department during the year at the center.



CDC is executing projects with The HANS Foundation, New Delhi for providing services at Child Development Center. Data generated from this project will help in implementing time based management plans for different neurological conditions.