How to Monitor your Child Development to Make Sure All is Well?

Every parent wants the best for the child, wish good health, bright future and prosperous life to the child. As children develop very quickly at an early age, every parent is on constant lookout for any sign of abnormal child development such as autism, etc. Although, child will go through many phases and it will be difficult to spot anything abnormal.

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It is worth mentioning here that abnormal child development is not a contagious disease, in fact, it is a condition where the brain of the child has developed differently, resulting to certain ramifications. Autism is something that child is born with and result from an abnormal development. It manifests itself between the ages of 18 months to 3 years, but although some signs can be detected in babies as well.

If you detect your child with any of the following difficulties, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. You may book an appointment at Sweekaar online by clicking here.

Autism Signs in Babies:

An autistic baby does not respond to your presence. He or she will not make an eye contact and will be more interested in staring at moving objects. So, babies that don’t make an eye contact can be significant sign of autism.

Such babies used to be very calm and many lie still for hours. They may not play or interact with other babies.

18 months- 3 Year Old:

An autistic child may not make any contact with you when you try to communicate. He or she may also have difficulty picking up the sounds of words. See if there are words that he or she cannot say. An Autistic child may lack imagination, and may not like playing games.

Parents are advised to see advice from a doctor or child specialist. The cause of autism is still unknown. In case, your child is confirmed as autistic, then you should not despair because he or she will need your love and support just like any other child needs. Parents should not blame themselves and feel that they had been negligent in taking care of their kids during pregnancy.

Address the Problem:

It is best to consult expert on this field such as Sweekaaar Academy. The family may have to adhere to a particular lifestyle to meet the requirement of child, and they need to keep extra patience as well.

Sweekaar has special institutes, schools and sensory parks for Autistic children to provide them right treatment, training and education. Based on the severity of the condition of your child, it may b necessary for you to make little changes in your behavior towards them, and in your daily routine.

Your Child is Special:

Accept that your child is special because his or her abilities are different from the ordinary children. Provide them special treatment and care needed and stay by their side.